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Kuldeep Singh

My experience with Trippe was amicable, in the whole trip there was no instance when i felt restless and the credit for this goes to all the enthusiastic and young members of TripPe.

Praveen Panth

Thanx to Trippe for making my trip so memorable!! luv u guyzz…

Rahul Dx

Earlier many a times i thought of visiting leh-ladakh, however due to not having any trusted people to join, i procrastinated it every time. But finally TripPe team contacted any convinced me for joining them and yes now i would say “My Trip to Ladakh with Strangers gave me alot of new friends for my future trips too” !!!

Shivendra Chauhan

It is the best site for those, who love to roam & that too with the most reasonable charges and best facilities!!

Vaibhav Shrivastava

When is the next batch planned to Ladakh ? Please let me know on my id:- vaibhavashrivastava12@gmail.com so that i can join you this time..! Reply ASAP

Vivek Verma

Trip to Ladakh is a dream of many, but the luckiest are those who visit there with such a zestful team… Thanx to team Trippe..